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Drum Decanting Units Drum Decanting Units Drum Decanting Units Special Drum Decanting Unit Special Drum Decanting Unit

Drum Decanting Units - Can be adapted for various applications.  Manufactured with hydraulic or hand pump.

Special Drum Decanting Unit - for transferring
 liquid into a tank.

Converyor on a scissor lift.

Vet Scissor Lift Scissor Lift Stacker

Task Master Crane

Converyor on a scissor lift.

Vet scissor lift - can 
be manufactured
for light-duty lifting
Double Scissor Lift Stacker - can be operated  manually or electrically.

Task Master Crane - 
 two ton capacity.

Air Steps Scissor Lift - Luggage Trolleys

Air Steps - manufactured from three step to jumbo. Scissor Lift -
for airport application.
Luggage Trolleys



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