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Ladder & Trolley Mart believes that strong electronic privacy is crucial for the ongoing success of the Internet as a service, commercial and entertainment medium.  
From time to time, Ladder & Trolley Mart may introduce new products and services to its users. This statement will be updated should these new products and services make it necessary. You will be informed of the updates and any privacy conditions related to these services. 

Sharing of Information
Ladder & Trolley Mart will not disclose the contact or demographic information, or any other information of any individual user to advertisers or to any other outside organization without the express permission of the individual. 

What information does Ladder & Trolley Mart gather/track and how is it used? 
Each time a visitor comes to an Ladder & Trolley Mart Web site, we collect some information to improve the overall quality of the online experience.  
Our internet service provider keeps log files of visitors to Ladder & Trolley Mart web sites' domain name. It also records the following: 

  • the referral data

  • the last URL (web site address) a user visited prior to clicking through to an Ladder & Trolley Mart Web site

  • the visitor's browser and platform type (e.g., an Internet Explorer browser on a Windows platform)

The Ladder & Trolley Mart  site collects visitor information for purposes of product monitoring, product improvement, and targeted advertising. The information which is collected from visitors is used to provide us demographic and other statistical data on the visitors to the our web sites to allow us to assess who uses our services. 

Ladder & Trolley Mart web site may from time to time display advertising banners from other internet web sites, or display links to other web sites. 
While we will do our best to ensure that the content or practices of web sites advertising on Ladder & Trolley Mart web sites do not conflict with our own interests, values or privacy policy, Ladder & Trolley Mart does not accept responsibility for the content or practices of such web sites. Enquiries should be directed to the site owners. 

Security procedures 
Our web sites do not yet allow secure e-commerce transactions, and therefore we do not request credit card details for product purchasing or orders. 

Who can I ask if I have any additional questions? 
You can direct all questions regarding customer support by e-mailing info@ltm.co.za, or you can send a letter to:

Ladder & Trolley Mart
386 Main Road (Market Street West)

South Africa

To phone Ladder & Trolley Mart, dial
+27 11 8342371/2/3. To send us a fax, dial +27 11 8386233


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